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A success story from Switzerland

23rd April 2015

Independent Organiser, Ann-Margaret Lloyd tells us her story, including what she enjoys about her work, her successes and why she has stayed with Usborne for 14 years...

Congratulations on your hugely impressive recent order. How did you do it?
"It was a school I have been selling at for some years, but the librarian decided that the best way to have access to parents and students is during the parent/student/teacher day. So I set up at 10:30am and had a great day of parents and students passing by. My total sales were chf4000 (about £2780)."

How long have you been an Independent Usborne Organiser?
"I have been an Usborne Organiser for about 14 years in Switzerland. I have loved the books ever since I received my first kit, they are an absolute delight! I was a frustrated expat and needed something to keep my brain active while trying to be a stay at home mum of two toddlers."

What do you enjoy about the work?
"I just love to be surrounded by books. I love doing business and enriching other peoples lives and Usborne is a trusted and reliable supplier. My Usborne business has grown with me, from being a new mum to now being a mum of two teenage boys. It has been wonderful to work when I want, to put effort in and see a good return from my work. My children have benefited from having these books around them and also from the financial return. I initially put the money I made aside for our family holidays, as it was a part-time business. Now I am moving it into more full-time as my children are older. I love using Usborne books when I teach English as a second language too. It is a very rewarding business to have."

Can you tell us about your recent school event?
"I have been working with ISL (International School of Lausanne) for about 10 years and normally do one event a year there. Normally I sell about chf2000 (about £1390) for the day. But this year I made double the normal amount - chf4000 (about £2780!). The reason it was so successful is that the librarian decided to invite me for a special day when the parent/child interviews were on. So I brought a car load of books and once I was set up at 10.30am, parents and students were coming and going non-stop right until 3.30pm. I was set up right at the entrance, so parents couldn't miss me. Overall a fabulous day!"

What were the best bits about the event for you?
"The location, having a 'captive audience' and leaving with much less books than I came with."

What motivates you to move your business forward?
"The excitement of the children when they see the books. Teachers, parents and children alike love Usborne! Also the fact that in a financially difficult time parents still want good books for their children."

Have you got any other interesting parties or events coming up?
"I have quite a few school events planned for May and June and I hope to run fun holiday reading camps around different themes in July and August."

Do you have any other top tips you would like to share with everyone?
"I love to use the special offers that Usborne Books at Home give us to attract new clients. You don't have to be a salesperson to sell the books as they really sell themselves. I find a colourful display of good English books do all the talking for you!"

Thank you for sharing, Ann!

Do you have a great story to share? If so, let us know!