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A Facebook Party Success Story

8th April 2015

Usborne Organiser, Fiona Sivewright tells us about her Facebook parties and how they have been hugely helpful to her and a local charity.

"There is a local boy in my area who was born with a very rare genetic disorder and research into his condition is not funded by the NHS. His amazing Mum has made it her job to raise as much awareness and funding as she can into his condition. I started thinking of what I could do to help...

I ran it past her and then I set up an online event. I made her a host of the event too, I then invited everyone I knew and asked her to do the same. I ran the event over a week, and every night at 7.30pm, I would sit in the office for a while and post up the books & special offers. I felt running it over just 1 day was limiting my audience, so by doing it this way I was able to gather orders each day, and a lot at the last minute. I also made sure I kept everyone up to date with how much we had raised.

I posted photos and descriptions of books that I know are some of our most popular and people started commenting and ordering. I kept a note of what everyone had ordered and messaged them at the end of the event with their total. They then arranged to pay me via paypal or credit/debit card.

A lot of people that ordered in that very first event (which I did within my first six weeks with Usborne to give the 20% to charity) have gone on to be regular and very loyal customers.

Once I had received all payments I put the order through. I made sure that I still earned almost my entire 24% commission as I put some customers orders through on the hostess free book allowance, meaning that their payments were part of the funds donated to the charity.

Everyone that ordered was local enough for me to deliver to, so I roped my mum and husband into some deliveries too!

I have run a few Facebook parties now, with sales anywhere between £100 to over £1000! It is a great way to do what you love, increase your customer base and help a charity.

You still can't beat doing parties in person, but this is a fantastic way to get your name out there. Mine have resulted in new contacts for school bookings, parties, stall events and so much more. I have met some truly lovely people through Facebook parties too.

The benefits are you can run these from home, so no childcare required, and they are great to top up an otherwise quiet month. Give one a go!"

Thank you for sharing, Fiona.

Don't forget...

Facebook Party Fortnight is still running until 15th April at 10am. Why not set up an online event and take advantage of the limited 20% host party benefit offer?

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