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Success in Sweden

17th March 2015

Independent Usborne Organiser, Yvonne Kennedy only joined us last summer, but this month she has submitted a very impressive £2300 order - that's a lot of very happy children and one very successful World Book Day event!

This is her success story...

"I have just started my business with Usborne and World Book Day was definitely an incentive to arrange book fairs and conferences, which eventually led to this amazing order.

My first book fair was at the internationella Engelska skolan in Uppsala on World Book Day (March 5th 2015). The event was fun but unfortunately there was a shortage of parents. In Sweden children often go to school independently from as young as seven years old so it is more difficult to make contact with their parents. Indeed, it is not unusual to see children on their bikes at 8am going to school unaccompanied!

After the event, I spoke with my contact at the school regarding an opportunity to meet parents with the books and they suggested returning for a two day event when parents come into school. It was a gamble, but I like to think big.  I wanted to present as much of the range as possible to encourage interest and hopefully sales - and it certainly worked!


I became involved in Usborne when I was trying to find a structured reading programme for one of my children but found it surprisingly difficult to do so. In Sweden, their level of spoken English is incredibly high! We live in a city where the libraryis very big but it has no structured reading scheme available. So I bought my own and the interest locally has grown.

Parents who have lived here since they were children told me that the books were brilliant, well written, illustrated beautifully and they wished they had the opportunity to use these when they were young. I do believe that Usborne books sell themselves.

With this new found confidence, my aim now is to spread the word about Usborne books further, to sell in to as many schools in Sweden as I can and to get the structured reading programme into our local library - so watch this space I will keep you updated!"

Thank you for your fantastic story, Yvonne. We look forward to the updates!

Do you have a great story to share? If so, let us know!