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"I have never been so busy with Usborne!"

10th March 2015

Have you thought about running Usborne sponsored listening and reading events in schools? They are a really easy way for schools to raise funds for books for their library and perfect if they want an exciting Usborne event, without holding a book fair. They are easy-to-administer and give the benefit of books for all to share and enjoy.

Ready, Steady...Listen! is for younger children who are not quite ready to read alone and Ready, Steady...Read! is for children of reading age. Whether it's in school time, at home, during the school holidays or in a 24 hour race, children of all ages can take part and ask family members and friends to sponsor them.

Usborne Team Leader, Emma Caddick, takes us through the huge rewards these events can produce - even if you just want to work remotely!

Hi Emma! Many congratulations on your £1800+ school book order! How did you do it?

Thank you! I saw the event lead come up through Team Usborne and decided to take the plunge and bid on it to attempt a remote Ready Steady Read event. My Mentor had talked to me about these previously and how she had run them very successfully. I won the lead (gulp!) and rang the Literacy Co-ordinator at the school.

What happened next?

She was keen from the outset and we set some provisional dates. I kept in fairly regular contact with her in the months leading up to the event, and drew up an agreed outline of how it would work, including dates for all the important days, e.g. challenge week, sponsor money deadline etc.

How did your event work?

The teachers launched the event in the school assembly and sent out the letters and paperwork that I had emailed to them. Everything was done via email, phone or post and all worked brilliantly! I think we were all astounded by the whopping amount raised by the children - £1852! The feedback from parents and teachers has been hugely positive and they await their direct delivery of books to the school with excitement!

Brilliant! Now you know how well this can work, do you have any future plans?

I am on to the next remote Ready Steady Read, as well as one at a local school. I have never been so busy with Usborne! This eclipses Christmas for me, I must remember to plan a holiday in April next year. Especially seeing as I am already taking WBD bookings for 2016...!

Thank you for sharing, Emma!

This could be you...

Getting Usborne books into schools opens up a huge earning opportunity for Organisers. Even if the school isn't local to you, there are still so many possibilities to work from the comfort of your own home and reap the rewards. Speak to your Mentor to find out more.

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