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Aim Higher at Heythrop Review

4th March 2015

On 25th and 26th February 2015, Team Usborne's Elite met at Heythrop Park for a special business break. It was designed to recognise the success of new Leaders and their Mentors, whilst also giving them the opportunity to take part in training and business development, learn from others and ultimately - aim higher!

But what did our Organisers think?

Sarah Barrett - First time Elite winner achieved by promoting to Team Leader

WOW, where to begin...?!

Heythrop was such an amazing venue for our two days of training. Set in the most stunning grounds, it really was breathtaking. From the luxurious bedrooms to the fantastic facilities, it was an all round great team building and educational experience.

Hearing other Organiser's stories was so inspiring. Some were just starting their Team Leader journeys like myself and others were much more advanced in their businesses, with huge teams and success stories to share. Each and every story was so different but wonderful to listen to.

I arrived at Heythrop full of apprehension and a total bag of nerves, but came away with so much more confidence. I'm now brimming with ideas on how to help my team and push my own business further. By setting goals and passing my new-found knowledge onto others, I'm really excited about the future.

For anyone aiming to become a Team Leader or above, it really is worth pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and reaching targets to get into Elite. You won't regret it and will be amazed at how much it will benefit you.

Amanda Saunders - First time Elite winner achieved by promoting to Team Leader

What Heythrop meant for me...

I wasn't too sure what to expect from Heythrop, but it certainly exceeded my expectations! The venue was breathtaking, with an amazing mansion house and beautiful gardens. The training itself was great and being around other Organisers with years of experience was so beneficial. Everyone was so happy to share and just listening to ideas was really inspirational.

As a busy Mum, with another part time job, I found it really helpful to just have the time to think about my Usborne business whilst being around other people who 'get it'. I had no children interrupting, or an impatient husband wanting to catch up on Fortitude! It was just time to myself, to take in all the lovely books and shared enthusiasm. Plus on top of the business benefits, I very much enjoyed the free holiday!

After the first day's training we went to the spa, where we relaxed in the sauna and steam room. Then we got dressed up for our champagne reception, and three course dinner with free flowing wine. What's not to enjoy?!

I can see how Organisers get hooked and once you qualify for Elite, you want to stay there. I would definitely recommend it for anyone trying to decide whether to take that first step. Just go for it! What have you got to lose?

Thank you for your lovely reviews ladies!

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