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Top tips for Usborne success in schools

4th March 2015

Having recently placed an amazing £1300+ order, Usborne Organiser Peter Clothier shares his words of wisdom for getting Usborne books into schools.

Congratulations on your £1300+ order Peter! How did you do it?

It was the result of a Ready Steady Read event.  The school have chosen to put the sponsorship money and free books towards books for the pupils and books for the school library. I have another three events on the go so there'll be more, hopefully big, orders soon."

How do you go about contacting schools?

"I find it more effective to make school contacts when I'm out doing other events. I have a sign that invites teachers to ask me about free books for their school. I also keep various categories of contacts on my email account, including customers, primary schools and secondary schools which makes mailing offers simple and quick."

How did you celebrate World Book Day in schools this year?

"I wanted to arrange a few Ready Steady Reads for the World Book Day period so I emailed 20-odd contacts from previous events I'd done in schools. This prompted five of them to reply and book launch dates with me. It definitely pays to keep in touch with past customers."

"My first two events raised about £400 and £900, with the children spending half their sponsor money on books for themselves. I even gave a talk during an assembly at each school which got the children enthused about taking part."

"The other Ready Steady Read events are being organised and run entirely via email, including sending all the necessary forms (which I customise to each school). Some schools like to have all the money for books that all the children can enjoy at school, which makes the whole thing even easier for me!"

"My advice would be to give working in schools a go. Ready, Steady Read/Listen is the best way I've found to make big sales with minimum effort."

Thank you for sharing, Peter.

Do you have a success story to share? If so, let us know!