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Meet our first Kit Refund achiever of 2015!

23rd February 2015

How did you first hear about Usborne Books at Home?

A friend of mine had a party a few years ago and I joined the Facebook page of Usborne Leader, Tracy Hickson. When she told me about the £25 joining offer, I went for it!

What motivated you to join as an Independent Organiser?

The offer was definitely an incentive for me, but I also wanted to put some money away for our family weekends and future holidays. It was also really important that this potential business could fit around my two boys, who are aged eight and two. I felt Usborne Books at Home could offer me that which was very exciting.

How did you secure those all-important first party bookings?

I simply asked friends and mums in the playground. I told them what it was all about and spreading the word about the host bonuses certainly helped me get those all important bookings.

How did you feel when you received your Kit Refund (and therefore, effectively started your business for free)?

It felt fantastic! I proved to myself that I could do it and that gave me the confidence to get more bookings and approach schools and playgroups.

Are you starting to think about recruiting yourself?

I am hoping to recruit and build a team of my own. Being an Organiser is great fun and I really want to share it with others.

Are you working towards your ‘Runaway Success Promotion Bonus’?

Yes I am. Not only do I want to build a team to share the fun, but the bonus would come in handy as we could book our summer holiday!

What have you enjoyed about your experience as an Independent Organiser so far?

Everything! It's been great fun meeting new people and I love the party host's reaction when I deliver all the books; they are always so impressed with them.

Do you have any advice or tips for brand new Organisers?

Breaking things down into small chunks helped me; it's less daunting that way. Following the Runaway Success programme meant a great start to my business and I'd really encourage others to use it too.

Thank you for sharing, Paula!

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