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Let's chat about the Chairman

22nd November 2012

Lorna Hunt

Did you join Usborne in 2012? If so you are invited to attend an exclusive and extra-special Champagne reception with our Chairman, Lorna Hunt, on the Gala night. So enjoy your extra-special VIP status as you glide down the red carpet to join the Chairman as she pops open the bubbly in your honour!

Before you meet her, we thought you might like to know a little bit more about Lorna and what she does. The truth is, there isn't anything that Lorna doesn't know about Usborne Books at Home!

Lorna joined Usborne over 30 years ago as a Sales Development Manager and has been involved in the business development of parties, recruiting, schools and events.

Over the course of her career with Usborne Books at Home, Lorna has risen through the ranks to become Marketing Director, before taking the reins as Managing Director, and last year moving on to the role of Chairman to work on special projects for Peter Usborne, Usborne Publishing's founder and Managing Director.

Lorna is a great font of knowledge about all things Usborne Books at Home and has lots of wisdom to share!

In her current capacity as Chairman, Lorna is working to expand opportunities for all Organisers, beyond our existing remit. Her mission is to make Usborne visible to new markets and greater audiences, to get more of our wonderful books into the hands of more children - with a particular focus on schools, Lorna is effectively a one woman pioneer raising the Books at Home profile!

So make sure you enjoy your chat with the Chairman, there is lots of valuable business advice you can gain from her.

A top-secret fun game and table prizes...

As our established-Gala-goers will know we like to have a bit of fun on Gala night, usually in the form of an interactive game show - where you, our audience, get to compete and win prizes. But to be in with a chance to win, you need to stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed. This year there will four lucky tables who will get to share the best of their Usborne knowledge in our fun game, could it be your table? Well, all you need to do is dress up brightly and hone those whistles and whoops and you could be nominated as:

  • Most Colourful Table
  • Most Supportive Table

Two tables will be selected for each category and these will go on to compete in... well that would be telling! All will be revealed on the night, and there's wine, champers and lots of lovely Usborne books up for grabs.

We can't wait to welcome you along!