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"I quickly realised I could really make something of this opportunity..."

6th February 2015

Carly Cavilla-Hunt is an Organiser who, with determination (and a real love of Usborne books), has gone on to achieve outstanding results, completely embracing the Usborne vision - 'to write a better story for your family.' We asked Carly to share her successes and plans for the future:

"I returned from maternity leave after having my daughter and went back to work doing 30 hours a week. I have three children and I felt a bit like time was slipping away from me. I saw an advert on Facebook for a set of beautiful books for £38 and at that point just thought it was a bargain! I'm book mad, as are my children, and so even if this didn't go anywhere, in my head I was already winning as I had these wonderful books!"

"But I quickly became hooked and realised, with the help of my amazing Mentor, I could really make something of this opportunity. I completed all three Runaway Success milestones, promoting to Team Leader in just under eight weeks. There is no great secret to how I did it. I just talk - a lot - and love books! I think my enthusiasm and excitement for it helps get other people excited and it's really gone from there!"

Brilliant! What are your plans for 2015?

"I have high hopes for this year, as do many of my team. An amazing team and a supportive Mentor seem to be the key to my success!"

What would you say your 'top tip' is?

"My biggest tip would be to talk to everyone. Talk to your Mentor about your goals, talk to your team and encourage them to share theirs, and talk to everyone you know! People quickly want to get involved when they realise how rewarding and unique Usborne really is."

What makes Usborne special for you?

"It's giving me the opportunity to still work but to be able to spend time with my children as they grow up, plus I spend my time surrounded by books! The perfect job for me."

A fantastic example of Usborne magic! Thank you for sharing your Usborne story with us, Carly.

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