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How did she do that?

27th January 2015

With the excitement of the Spring Conference and Gala Awards behind us, the anticipation is building as we get ready for the Summer Spectacular and Launch of the Autumn Season. Company events are a fantastic way to meet up with other Organisers, share ideas and ultimately motivate you to grow your business and feel confident to take on the rest of the year.

Usborne Team Leader, Emma Devine shares with us the benefits of attending big Usborne Books at Home events:

"This was my third Spring Conference and Gala and as always, I absolutely loved it and came home bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. For me it is such an inspiring event – it is so useful to get together with like minded people and just share experiences and learn from each other. I especially enjoyed the workshops – as a facilitator it was a really fun experience to just sit and chat with both new and experienced Organisers and I came away with lots of new ideas for my business."

How has your business changed since the Spring Conference and Gala 2015?

"This January I have recruited 14 new team members who are all fantastic and I am so excited to help them grow their businesses. As always, I came away from the Gala and Conference with so much enthusiasm and love for what I do, I think that enthusiasm just rubbed off on others! I really enjoy the mentoring side of Usborne and love to help my team succeed. I do a lot of my recruiting through social media – it is the easiest way to get the message out to lots of people for free and there are so many mums out there who are wanting to earn money alongside looking after their children. It is just a matter of finding them and letting them know about this brilliant opportunity!"

What is your 'top tip' for recruiting?

"My top recruiting tip is just to be honest and excited about what we do. For me, the fact I am able to work from home with such a wonderful product, make my own money alongside looking after my children is a dream come true. Because I love it so much, my enthusiasm rubs off on potential new Organisers. Just get the message out to as many people as possible. I started off by just asking friends if they would like to join me, and an old school friend signed up straight away. Sometimes people may be interested but think they may be ‘stepping on your toes’. You can assure them this is not the case! It is so nice to have a team to work with; sharing ideas and helping each other out with events.

The best thing to do is just to get out there, share the books with everybody and spread the word on how good a business opportunity it is. The books really do sell themselves, which makes our job easy – everybody loves an Usborne book!"

What are you looking forward to most about the Summer Spectacular?

"I am really looking forward to the Summer Spectacular. I think it will be a fantastic opportunity to get some ideas for the busy Christmas season and it will hopefully give me another boost of enthusiasm to get out there and spread some Usborne magic! I think it is really useful for Organisers to attend these events as it is such an opportunity to learn from others and have some time out to really focus on your business whilst making plans and setting goals for the future."

I'm sold! How much is a ticket?

Early Bird Offer
Pay just £50.00 for your Summer Spectacular full conference day ticket.

This offer will be available from 9am on Monday 12th January until 5pm on Monday 2nd February 2015. After this date the standard ticket price of £60.00 will apply.

Standard Ticket Price
Pay just £60.00 for your Summer Spectacular full conference day ticket.

This price will be available from 5pm on Monday 2nd February until 9am on Friday 29th May 2015.

Calling all 2015 New Organisers
All Organisers who join Usborne Books at Home after 1st January 2015 will be able to purchase their Summer Spectacular full conference day ticket at the special price of just £50.00 (even outside the Early Bird period).

The New Organiser ticket offer will be in the form of a special offer discount which will appear as a separate line on the order entry screen of Online Services.

This offer for New Organisers will be available from Tuesday 3rd February until 9am on Friday 29th May 2015.

How do I buy my ticket?

To find out how to purchase your ticket, earn money off your ticket and check terms and conditions, take a look at the Summer Spectacular page.

Remember that Emma is well on her way to achieving a huge £40 credit towards the cost of her event ticket, due to recruiting so many new Organisers personally. She'll now be focussing on supporting those new Organisers to achieve amazing sales figures.

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