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Get "the best of both worlds" with Usborne

2nd February 2015

Independent Usborne Organiser, Jennie Moore started her Usborne business just a year ago.  Now, with 23 Organisers in her team, she's flying high, recently winning the award for 'Best New Organiser in 2014'.  A year ago, she could not have imagined what these fabulous children's books could have done for both her and her family...

"It’s been a very exciting year for me, starting my Usborne business after being at home for 5 years with my triplets. When they started school, I wanted a challenge and starting with Usborne gave me something to really get my teeth into; selling a product that both myself and the children already loved.

Since starting a year ago, I really feel like I have the best of both worlds. I have a successful business that I can work around the children; I never miss pick-ups, drop-offs, schools plays or sports days.  I have fantastic books at my fingers tips, so I can always help with homework and school projects.  I’ve been able to give something back too by raising £2000 for the hospital that saved the children’s lives when they were born prematurely. The icing on the cake however, must be the fact that we’ve been able to book a holiday to St Lucia this year - our first long haul adventure since having the children.  All this has been possible because of Usborne; a leap of faith that I took this time last year!"

This could be you!

For just £38, you could start a book-selling business that is flexible, hugely rewarding and requires no previous experience. You can start selling at home parties, coffee mornings, nursery groups or even in schools - it's all about what suits you and works around your family.

Joining the Usborne family and becoming an Independent Organiser is a really unique opportunity - it's your business and your rules. If you choose to sign up, you will be sent a gorgeous selection of books and have the help of a Mentor to guide you through as your business gets going. There are also lots of incentives to motivate you along the way.

What can you find in the Starter Kit?

The February Starter Kit is a a real 'business in a box.' It includes everything you need to get your business off to the best possible start and our new Organisers never fail to be excited as the Usborne package arrives on the doorstep! The wide variety of beautiful books and stationery are worth over £150, and yet you'll only pay £38! What could be better?

Want to find out more?

Take a look at this video which covers the most frequently asked questions that Usborne Organisers receive from new recruits:

*please note that this video references that you need to place a £100+ order in your first 12 months to remain on our system as an Usborne Organiser. This has now changed to 6 months.

I'd like to become an Organiser, how do I join?

Get in touch today to find out more about becoming an Usborne Organiser.

What's in the kit?

Find out what's in the February Starter Kit by looking at the table below.

Starter Kit Contents
Stock codeTitleQuantity in KitRetail value 
S0254 Customer Order Pad 1 0
S0249 Wall Planner 1 0
S0256 Agreement Pad 1 0
S0247 Complete Catalogue 2015 4 £8.00
S0251 Party Bookmarks 2015 (100) 1 £2.00
S0259 Home and School Spring Leaflet (50) 2015 1 £4.00
08426 Wind-up Tractor 1 £16.99
09684 Alice Through the Looking Glass (YR2) 1 £4.99
50703 Pirate Pat (VFR) 1 £4.99
52221 Old Mother Hubbard (FR2) 1 £4.99
52454 Noisy Farm 1 £12.99

Encyclopedia of Seas and Oceans

1 £8.99
53518 Illustrated English Spelling Dictionary 1 £12.99
55553 100 Science Experiments 1 £9.99
55745 Historical SDD Edwardian Fashion 1 £5.99
56396 See Inside the Universe 1 £9.99
56425 Write and Draw your own Comics 1 £9.99
56628 French Dictionary for Beginners 1 £7.99
56661 Royal Snap Cards 1 £4.99
57052 That's Not My Piglet... 1 £5.99
58099 Aesop's Stories for Little Children 1 £12.99
58219 Children's Book of Baking Bread 1 £9.99

Retail Value excluding stationery   £144.84

Total Retail Value   £158.84

February's Starter Kit offer applies to Agreements received in the office by Post or Fax from Monday 2nd February 2015 until Friday 27th February 2015 at 5pm. Online sign ups have from 10am on Monday 2nd February 2015 until 10am on Monday 2nd March 2015. Any Agreements received outside of these dates will not be eligible for the February Starter Kit offer and will receive the relevant kit. Please note: If any item in the pack becomes unavailable, we will replace it with a similar item of at least equal value.