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A Spectacular summer awaits

12th January 2015

Get ready! All Organisers are invited to join the Usborne Books at Home Summer Spectacular and Launch of the Autumn Season, which will take place on Friday 26th June at Staverton Park in Northamptonshire. So there's no need to wait a whole year for the next big Usborne event - hurrah!

This exciting day will be a chance for  ALL Organisers to meet up and we also look forward to welcoming all our 2015 new Organisers; with everyone working together to prepare for the busy autumn season.

We look forward to catching up on the progress of all of those of you who left our Gala and Spring Conference determined to move forward with Usborne. It will be another fantastic opportunity to get to know the team from the Books at Home Head Office, as well as other Organisers who do exactly what you do. After all, we all know that by getting everyone together at these wonderful company events, everyone benefits.

If you want to plan ahead and maximise the Usborne opportunities available for your business, this will be THE event to attend as autumn is the most lucrative time of the year for our Organisers. This full day event will include some big announcements, plus interactive workshops. There will be presentations to show you what's in store for the near future and an Usborne event wouldn't be complete without lots and lots of fab new books!

So whether you're a brand new Organiser or have been established for years, there will be lots to take away from this informative and exciting day.

Look out for full announcements of the programme of events, ticket details and incentives on our Summer Spectacular web page.

This will be our chance to present the second half of our Usborne year together - you really won't want to miss out!

Sounds great! How much is a ticket?

Early Bird Offer
Pay just £50.00 for your Summer Spectacular ticket.

This offer will be available from 9am on Monday 12th January until 5pm on Monday 2nd February 2015. After this date the standard ticket price of £60.00 will apply.

Standard Ticket Price
Pay just £60.00 for your Summer Spectacular ticket.

This price will be available from 5pm on Monday 2nd February until 9am on Friday 29th May 2015.

Calling all 2015 New Organisers
All Organisers who join Usborne Books at Home after 1st January 2015 will be able to purchase their Summer Spectacular ticket at the special price of just £50.00 (even outside the Early Bird period).

The New Organiser ticket offer will be in the form of a special offer discount which will appear as a separate line on the order entry screen of Online Services.

This offer for New Organisers will be available from Tuesday 3rd February until 9am on Friday 29th May 2015.

I'd like to know more

For further information about this fantastic event, take a look at the web page.


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