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Spring Conference Leaders' Lunch Update

8th November 2012

The latest results for the Spring Conference Leaders Lunch are now in.

This month we're celebrating the continued successes of Pippa Hopcraft, Nicola Ford, Sarah Deakin and Sue Steel as Silver Executive Club Members, who have gained such momentum throughout the year. Congratulations ladies!

Nine of our Leaders have achieved, in excess, of £10k combined Personal Team Sales in the last two months and potential Gold Executive Club Member, Sue Bennetts, is having a fabulous autumn. Well done to you all!

Keep up the great work and you could be attending this exclusive, extra-Incentive on Conference day.

A word on the Gala Accommodation Incentive...

Whilst we're discussing all things Conference related, we're delighted to let you know that the following people have already won their overnight stay at the Gala and Conference event, for FREE, by completing our Accommodation Incentive that runs until the end of this month.

Congratulations to:

Nakita Bell


Sally Colledge


Claire Flook


Sheena Halcrow


Michelle Lowe

Who had all fulfilled the criteria for the Accommodation Incentive, when reports were run at the end of October. We very much look forward to welcoming many more of you, for free in the coming weeks. Watch this space...