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Success in schools

17th November 2014

After a substantial order was placed with Usborne HQ, we were keen to find out about the amazing work Emma Faircloth had done to achieve it.

"It all happened in the last month when I attended my first PTA meeting at my son's new junior school. High on the agenda was how the school wanted to spend the money that had been raised by the PTA in the previous school year, and the new Headteacher had one main focus...reading!"

"She wanted to encourage more reading at home and in school and to completely revamp the library. So, she told the chairperson that she was keen to put all previous plans on hold and spend all the money on books! At this moment, my ears pricked up, my eyes lit up and I began to introduce the fantastic opportunities available to get Usborne books into schools."

"By the end of the meeting, I had an appointment in my diary to meet with the Headteacher and the Literacy Coordinator. I think that this may just be an initial order, with lots more to come. I am also having a stall at parents' evening over two nights this week, and have been booked for World Book Day. They are even keen to do a sponsored reading event soon!"

"I would have spoken to this new Head about my services eventually anyway, but being at this PTA meeting certainly accelerated things. Both the Head and the Literacy Coordinator have been very complimentary about the amazing quality of our books, the fabulous discounts we offer and the personal service they get. Here's to the beginning of a beautiful relationship!"

What a fantastic story - thanks for sharing, Emma!

Just imagine if every Organiser could help their child's school...

We know how busy Teachers are, but Usborne Organisers can offer them a fantastic solution by running events themselves, and making sure our books get into the hands of as many children as possible.

If you are interested in hosting sponsored reading events, there are lots of resources available in the Tools and Downloads section of the website under parties, schools and events.

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