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A great Usborne feeling

24th October 2014

We always love to hear stories about how our Organisers are getting gorgeous Usborne books into the hands of as many children as possible.  Annemarie Clennell shared her recent success story with her mentor, Kate L'argent and we'd like to share it with you too.

"A few weeks ago, I had an Usborne experience with a real difference.  I set up a stall at a school parents' evening and I didn't sell a single book! No one even looked...apart from one little boy. As he approached my stand, he was instantly drawn to one book in particular and his eyes just lit up.  I could see he really wanted it and I just couldn't bring myself to let him walk out without it. 

I come from a sales background not a book-loving background, so what I did next was very different for me. I asked the little boy if he would like an important job.  I asked if he would take this book home to read enjoy and then give me a review of it. I told him I was interested in finding out what little boys of his age liked and didn't like about the book. I stressed that it was an important job as I needed to help others like him choose books in the future.  

The very next day, his mum found me on the school run and thanked me.  She said that her son loved the book so much he didn't put it down and even finished it before school that morning. She had never seen him so interested in reading and he'd even told her he had an important job. The mum ordered the rest of the series for him straight away! This was a great Usborne feeling."

The book that inspired this little boy was from the popular series 'Action Dogs', which not only has an eye-catching comic-book feel but is also laugh-out-loud funny!  

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