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A review of our recent event, 'Leed(s) to Succeed'

16th October 2014

'Leed(s) to Succeed' was a very special occasion which combined expert training with the opportunity to celebrate success, bringing together inspiring Usborne Leaders from across the UK (and beyond!).

As Team Usborne's Elite Achievers arrived on Wednesday morning, they were greeted by a long, sweeping driveway, leading up to one of the grandest entrances in Yorkshire.  

The day's training was led by Pam Anthony and Irene Walters from The Academy for Direct Sales Training. To start the day, everybody had the opportunity to share their proudest achievements this year and discuss what success looks like for them. Everyone engaged in some practical exercises, including a session about coaching techniques - something they can all employ as Leaders.

Following a short break in the day, Usborne's Elite gathered for a wonderful Champagne Reception, feeling refreshed and inspired. Marketing Director, Mark Franklin took the opportunity to thank everyone personally for their unbeatable efforts this summer, handing out awards and cheques to the sound of clinking glasses and applause. The announcement of the qualifiers for the 2015 Travel Incentive to Dubai, along with the highly anticipated 'Wildcard Draw', topped off the pre-dinner festivities.  A beautiful three course meal was served with a drop of wine and some fabulous conversation. What a treat!

Thursday was all about focussing on strengths and building confidence. The day was led by Mark who inspired everyone to share his big ambitions for the future. The Elite Achievers also devised an effective time-management tool to share with all Usborne Organisers - so keep your eyes peeled for this.

Emma Faircloth, a Team Usborne Elite Leader said, "I absolutely loved being part of the Elite Achievers event at Oulton Hall.  It was great to have both members and leaders together. The less experienced of us were able to be inspired by the more experienced, but it was also great to listen to new and fresh input.  The training days have made me come away with lots of ideas about how to build my team, but also how to get the best out of the team that I currently have. The social event on the Wednesday evening was of course amazing too.  It was great to celebrate lots of wonderful achievements and there was, of course, champagne.  An Usborne event isn't an Usborne event without lots of fizz!".

Tracey Walton, a new Team Usborne Elite Member said, "My head is still buzzing from Leeds! Having persevered so hard to get there I wanted to make the most of the time away from doing business.  I'm already making changes, picking up the phone, changing how I support my fledging team and directing my focus so my actions link to my goals. I also thoroughly enjoyed the time with other Team Leaders".

I'd love to attend events like this, how can I get involved?

If you're not already an Organiser

If you're interested in all things Usborne Books at Home and would like to attend future events like this by becoming an Usborne Organiser, speak to the person who showed you this post, or contact us.

If you're an Organiser

If you're already an Usborne Organiser, you can join us at our Spring Conference in January!

Or to find out more about all of the benefits of Team Usborne membership, see our Team Usborne web page which details future events, and talk to your Mentor about formulating a plan to help you get there.

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