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Create frightening faces this Halloween!

3rd October 2014

Children will love turning into menacing monsters, scary skeletons, ghastly ghouls, wicked witches, vicious vampires and petrifying pumpkins this Halloween - it will be enough to scare even the adults!

Take a look at some of the amazing Halloween designs featured in The Usborne Book of Face Painting and transform your Trick or Treaters this October...

How to create a scaly reptile:

Step 1: Sponge yellow paint from the forehead to the mouth in a "U" shape. Sponge the rest of the face green, blending where they meet.

Step 2: With dark green or black on a thin brush, paint overlapping curved shapes, for scales, in a triangle on the forehead and cheeks.

Step 3: Paint big black ovals around the eyes and eyebrows. Add two black nose-holes. Then paint a black strip across the top lip.

Step 4: Paint white fangs down from the corners of the lips. With gold paint, paint a forked tongue over the lower lip and onto the chin.

Step 5: When the tongue is dry, fill in the rest of the lower lip with black. Add a little dark green or gold inside each of the scales if you like.

How to create a ghoul:

Step 1: Sponge an even white base. Shade the temples, sides of the nose, cheek hollows and chin with grey.

Step 2: With pink on a brush, paint around the eyes and the nostrils. Paint several thin pink streaks under the eyes.

Step 3: Paint thin, grey wobbly lines across the eyebrows and mouth. Then, add thin grey lines under the eyes, too.

How to create a vampire:

Step 1: Sponge a white base. Shade it in grey. With black on a brush, paint wicked, shaggy eyebrows and underline the eyes.

Step 2: With black, outline the lips and paint sharp fangs down from the corners of the top lip. When they are dry, touch up the fangs with more white.

Step 3: When the fangs are dry again, add a small droplet of scarlet blood on their tips. Then, fill the lips with dark red paint.

For more face painting fun...

The Usborne Book of Face Painting includes 23 original face painting designs with step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations throughout. There is also advice on the best materials and techniques to achieve fantastic results.