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Focus on building a team together

1st September 2014

Jenny is a busy mum with two young boys and works part-time as a nurse. She started her Usborne business in October 2012 as she fancied a new hobby. She couldn't have predicted what Usborne books helped her to achieve. She explains:

"A friend was telling me about selling Usborne books and I knew instantly that it was for me so signed up. I actually thought I knew a few of the books, so was very surprised and excited when I received my starter kit and catalogue, I couldn’t believe how many books there were, it felt like Christmas!"

First steps

"My experience of Usborne books had really only been the popular That’s not my... range and to find the little yellow duck in Farmyard Tales! I immediately couldn’t wait to get started. I quickly achieved Runaway Success within 6 weeks which meant I received my Kit Refund. My mentor Sarah Leach was fabulous and really supported me, giving me lots of help and ideas when I needed it. We had a chat about recruiting my own team members, which I initially thought I couldn’t do as I lacked in confidence. I met my first recruit Sam Goodger in August 2013 at a local Pregnancy and Baby Fair, where she enquired about joining Usborne. It was then I realised that even though I may not be very confident, my passion for our books meant I was happy chatting away to people I hadn’t met before. I was really keen for others to benefit like I had from becoming an Usborne Organiser. I was so excited when Sam signed up the following week, this gave me a huge confidence boost and was when I started to focus on building my own team."

Moved and motivated

"I had never thought about becoming a Team Leader until I went to the Gala and Conference in January 2014 and I was mesmerised with how amazing it was. I felt truly inspired and very motivated to make a real success of Usborne. I felt so proud to be part of something so special, watching and listening to other Organiser’s was a true inspiration. I had never envisaged meeting so many new people and have made some life-long friends."

'Faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust.'

"Our Divisional Leader Maria Scrivens (AKA Tinkerbell!) ran a training day at Head Office in April 2014, Sam and I went along together. The training was fantastic, Maria sprinkled lots pixie dust and again motivated me to become Team Leader and put some goals in place. It was great to go with Sam, as we could work on our goals together. I knew Sam was interested in recruiting and promoting to Team Leader too, so it was fantastic to share our goals and ideas with each other. The training day helped me focus on planning and thinking ahead to achieve my goal of promoting to Team Leader. I also really wanted to promote to Team Leader to be in with a chance to win a wildcard ticket to Dubai in February 2015 (just one of Usborne’s amazing incentives!) I had enough recruits in my team to promote so needed to work on getting the volume required. Sam was quickly recruiting and building her own team so we soon realised that we could promote to Team Leader in the same month, the pixie dust was working! This was really exciting and so lovely to be able to do it together. It really helped me promote as I knew exactly what Sam’s plans were and certain about her volume, this really helped when making my action plan for the month. We worked really well together, brainstorming and sharing ideas, it was a fantastic month. All we had to do then was choose our team names (fairies of course!) I went with Team Gliss and Sam chose Team Fira. We were both supported every step of the way by Maria, she is an inspirational Divisional Leader."

Looking to the future

"The support that Usborne provides is truly amazing. I felt very proud of myself for promoting to Team Leader but also so proud and happy for Sam as she now has her own Team too. I am really excited about my team’s future and can’t wait to go to Gala 2015, hopefully I will be able to inspire and motivate other Organiser’s!"

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