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Book of the Month - Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing - 1950s Fashion

1st August 2014

Opening 1950s Fashion is like stepping into a different world - full of jiving and rock 'n' roll - where the outfits were as important as the movie stars.

Children can explore the background of 1950s fashion and its inspirations, from life at home and the fabrics that were all the rage, to work and 'at the beach' wear.

They can take a trip to Italy and discover the Italian elegance that inspired the movies and the show stopping frocks that were perfect for the premieres.

Paris is next for a classic café scene, where loose-fitting dresses, pearls and statement hats were oh so stylish! There is also a show going on at Christian Dior that feature some of his best known designs.

Children can then discover how the teenagers of London got their name as the 'Teddy Boys', and how a group of friends dressed for a road trip across America.

The best thing about this book is that it will take little ones on a journey to a point where they are confident enough to design some 1950s outfits for themselves. There are real photographs from the decade that add to the inspiration and the text throughout illustrates the when, how and why of 1950s fashion.

Great, how do I get one?

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