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Start your success story with Usborne!

1st August 2014

For only £38 this August (valid until 1st September), you can start a book-selling business of your own with the aim of making a difference to children in your area and beyond and earning some extra money in the process. All with no experience required!

We're looking to recruit Independent Usborne Organisers, to join our team across the UK and Europe. Starting your Usborne business now is the perfect time as summer is full of fantastic book selling opportunities at fêtes and fairs and home parties. Enjoy the luxury of being your own boss, learning from a supportive team, filling your home with our award-winning books and topping up your spending money to really hit the ground running in the autumn.

Our August starter kit features a fantastic mix of titles suitable for boys and girls of all ages and interests. The kit also comes with all the stationery and marketing materials you need to be successful with your new Usborne business from day one.

I'd like to become an Organiser, how do I join?

Get in touch today to sign-up as an Usborne Organiser.

Want to know more?

Read more about what's involved in becoming an Usborne Organiser and watch this video which covers the most frequently asked questions that Usborne Organisers receive from new recruits.



What's in this month's kit?

Find out what's in the August kit in the table below.

Starter Kit Contents
Stock codeTitleQuantity in KitRetail value 
S0247 Complete Catalogue 2014 4 £8.00
S0249 Wall Planner 1 0
S0251 Party Invitations 2014 (100) 1 £2.00
S0254 Customer Order Pad 1 0
S0255 Summer Leaflet (50) 1 £4.00
S0256 Agreement Pad 1 0
00054 French for Beginners 1 £5.99
04713 Children's Picture Atlas 1 £8.99
07051 Little Red Hen (First Reading 3) 1 £4.99
08069 Gulliver's Travels (YR2) 1 £4.99
08517 That's Not My Teddy 1 £5.99

Queen Makes a Scene

1 £4.99
51702 Animal Doodles 1 £5.99
52335 Write your own Storybook 1 £7.99
53170 See Inside The First World War 1 £9.99
53266 Busy Helicopter (Pull-back) 1 £14.99
53302 Party Cakes to Bake and Decorate 1 £9.99
55070 Animal Stories for Bedtime 1 £9.99
55147 Kings and Queens Sticker Dressing 1 £5.99
55550 Children's Encyclopedia 1 £9.99
56475 Noisy Circus 1 £12.99
56769 Holiday Activity Pack 1 £12.99

Retail Value excluding stationery   £136.84

Total Retail Value   £150.84

August's Kit offer applies to Agreements received in the office and online from 10.00am on Friday 1st August until 10.00am on Monday 1st September. Any Agreements received outside of these dates will not be eligible for the Kit offer and will receive the relevant kit. Please note: If any item in the pack becomes unavailable, we will replace it with a similar item of at least equal value.