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Focus on being a Runaway Success...

25th July 2014

Hana Hrubá

Hana writes:

"I've been really delighted that I managed to become a Team Leader within my Runaway Success. My Usborne story has been short by intensive!"

Having a go...

"It began at the ACERT Conference for English teachers in Prague, Czech Republic. I had an opportunity to meet Zoë Vobřilová who had a stall there. I was really fascinated with the beautiful books she was selling and I had a feeling I needed them all! It was just a step from becoming a new recruit, so I started selling myself. You can see a recent garden party that I attended at a primary school in Duhovka, Prague in the photo!"

A strong network...

"My mentor Zoë was and sill is absolutely marvellous! She has been REALLY looking after me and her support has helped me to achieve my new status. I'm a mum with three children (ten, six and three) and they are always looking forward to new books. My older daughter loves taking about "mum selling books" and it's lovely to see them enjoying them and playing games as though they are aspiring booksellers too!"

"We are not native English speakers, but it doesn't matter with Usborne. The books do not only speak through words."

It's amazing to see how Usborne Books at Home is growing in Europe. Hana's success story has been achieved by having a passion and sharing that passion, forming strong relationships with her Mentor and relishing the joy that the books bring to her family, as well as others.

Don't feel like Runaway Success is a set of targets - treat it as inspiration to what you can achieve with a little self belief. It might be more than you ever thought possible. Thank you for sharing Hana!