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Focus on "giving Usborne a go"

3rd July 2014

Sian Lamb

Sian, wife and mother of a little girl and boy, works as a full time Special Educational needs assistant and decided to add Usborne to her busy schedule as she wanted a bit of pocket money.

Sian continues:

"If I'm honest I was really scared, firstly about giving something I'd never ever done before a go and then when the books arrived I also panicked. I literally looked at them and thought 'what am I going to do now?' Then I got a phone call from my amazing mentor Sue Bennetts. We chatted about which was the best way to start off. I read through my 12 week Runaway Success leaflet (an incentive for new Organisers) and actually thought 'Well I doubt I'll make any of those goals but I'll give it a shot and if it doesn't work after 12 weeks, I know it's not for me.' As long as I make £100, I'll be okay."

Giving it a go

"Then whoooosh! I did my launch party and got my first order, I was so excited!  Just over £100! Plenty of flapjacks made that day :) I was very happy. Next I thought I'll give an online party a go. I had never done one before but thought I'd just go with my instincts and got an amazing £200 order. I just missed my Runaway Success Kit Boost (a pack of books and stationery when you submit three £100+ orders in your first three weeks) but Sue sent me some lovely things through the post and I felt amazing! 

Next I thought 'do you know what, I'm going to give the Kit Refund a go'. I did a school parents evening and another online event where I got £300 worth of orders and also did my first party with a lovely lady, Charlotte, who joined my team and is now also a close friend. My first party and first recruit! So I got my Kit Refund (£38 start up cost refunded) and a lovely note from the MD which I was so pleased with, it made my day...

Full steam ahead

After talking to her mentor, Sue "who is absolutely amazing", Sian wanted to see if she could go for Team Leader (having a team of her own in the first 12 weeks).

"I think determination set in and this whole 'I'll see' turned into 'I WILL!' and I did it in 11 weeks! Lots of dreaming about books but I've done it, and now I am a Team Leader! These 12 weeks has been absolutely amazing and a complete whirlwind but I've loved each and every one of them.

I am now an Elite Team Leader and recently spent a night away in the Cotswolds in the most beautiful hotel, training and celebrating. I felt like I was dreaming the whole time.

Usborne is truly amazing and you always get recognition for the things you do.  I LOVE it! I think everyone should try it! :) "

Want to give this part-time flexible job a go?

Get in touch to find out more about joining the Usborne team.

Read more about Runaway Success (our quickstart programme of goals and rewards) on the Usborne Books at Home company website.