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Book of the Month - See Inside The History of Britain

1st June 2014

See Inside The History of Britain

Thembi Hall, Marketing Coordinator, at Usborne Books at Home Head Office, shares why she chose See Inside The History of Britain, as June's Book of the month.

"As a child growing up in South Africa, I have to admit, I found history at school, rather dull at times. I was far more into Geography and took a greater interest in weather patterns, places and geology. I'm not sure if it was my teacher who contributed to my apathy towards the subject, or the way it was explained to me in the classroom, but History never seemed tangible in the way that Geography was.

As an adult I have realised how exciting History can be and how vitally important it is, in understanding what has been before and in explaining what is now.

This month, when all the June titles arrived in Usborne office, it was See Inside History of Britain that immediately caught my eye.

Firstly it has stunning illustrations portraying detailed scenes across a broad range of history including the Middle Ages,the British Empire and a Victorian factory. It's easy to became immersed in each scene, imaging the feelings and lives of the people portayed.

Secondly, with over 60 flaps to lift (which conceal further interesting facts), I love how the book presents history in a palatable and interesting manner. I can imagine it being a good device for inquisitive minds, and wondered if I had had access to a book like this when I was younger, if it would have changed the way I viewed history!"

Don't just take Thembi's word for it:

“Perfectly pitched for Key Stage 2, a mix of facts, humour and novelty flaps...This series is proof that the right non-fiction still sells.”
The Bookseller

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