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Focus on - a change in career

1st May 2014

Sophie Whiffen

Sophie Whiffen, 33, lives in Cambridge and works for Usborne full-time. Mother of a four year old son, Sophie only started her Usborne business seven months ago. Incredibly, within her first month she became a Team Leader (having recruited four Organisers and with team sales of £1500) and in March this year, was in the Top three Team leaders based on personal team sales.

Obviously a powerhouse to be reckoned with, Sophie’s life before her Usborne business was somewhat different. Here she tells her story:

"I ran my own business for 10 years as a Holistic Therapist, specialising in fertility treatments and teaching in the evenings. Two years ago I developed a cyst in my hand which required surgery – there was a risk that I would lose movement in my hand, so surgeons suggested I changed career to see if it would heal on its own accord. I looked at different career options and while placing an order through the Usborne website, came across the home business side of the company! I researched the company for a good few months before finding my mentor and signing up. Straight away I knew it was the right business for me – I could choose my hours, work to my own targets and saw there what a massive potential there was within the company! I recruited on my second day and never stopped.

I love the fact there are so many different facets of Usborne – selling, recruiting, mentoring and fundraising work – so every day is different and exciting! One day I could be working with a headteacher of a school, the next chatting to mums at a playgroup or Skyping with a potential recruit in Europe, and the next standing in a field at a school fete!

Transferable Skills

I find it amazing that every skill you have learnt in life can be transferred to your business – you do not need special qualifications, just self belief and a drive to succeed.

My greatest joy is helping other women build their confidence (which unfortunately is often lost when you have time off to have children) and develop and grow their business. My team is such a mixture of ladies – police officers, nurses, vets, teachers, designers, home educators, stay at home mums and grandmas – but we all pool our skills and help each other. My proudest moment was when my first Team Leader was promoted – with two young children she worked so hard and achieved so much.

Reaping the rewards

The company offer so much support and really do reward you for your hard work – in my short time I have enjoyed a two night stay at Peckforton Castle and will be treated to not only a training day in the Cotswolds in June, a three night stay in Windermere in July and the possibility of a trip of a lifetime to Dubai in January! Financially my business paid for Christmas, an all-inclusive 5* holiday to Turkey for my family and a year’s worth of payments on my brand new Fiat 500, plus heaps of free books along the way!

Most of all I love the fact my son not only sees me work, but also loves to help! My work is so flexible I am able to join him on school trips and have never had to miss a class assembly. Having that balance is what is most important to me.

Usborne is such a dynamic company to work for and really feels like a little family. I can not wait to see where my business will take me next!"

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story Sophie. We also can't wait to see.

Could starting your Usborne business be your change in career?

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