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Usborne Community Book Pledge

2nd April 2014

Usborne Community Book Pledge

Teachers tell us how important it is to involve the local community with school initiatives and the Usborne Community Book pledge is a great vehicle for schools and businesses to work together to get more books into the hands of more children.

Our Independent Usborne Organisers can work with your school by collecting donations on your behalf from your local community. They can then advise your school on the most suitable Usborne books for your needs. And, your school could also benefit from up to 60% in free books(depending on the value of the donations collected)

How does it work?

  • Let us know if your school would like

    to be a Community Book Pledge beneficiary
  • An Independent Usborne Organiser will be in touch with you to arrange all the details
  • They will then contact local businesses on your behalf asking for a small donation to buy Usborne books.
  • Once the donations are collected by your Organiser, you can benefit from their expert advice while choosing your school's books.
  • Your Organiser will deliver your books to you.

What are you waiting for? Improve literacy in your school by taking part in an Usborne Community Book Pledge. Get in touch now.

Please note: Your Usborne Organiser will make it clear to local businesses that they are collecting donations on behalf of the school to purchase books only from Usborne.