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Focus on Usborne books and special needs

4th March 2014

Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans joined Usborne in September 2013 and fits her Usborne business around raising two young children. Usborne books have had a double benefit for Rachel, not only have they helped her son, Adam, who has Asperger's Syndrome, but they have also allowed her to help out other families who have a child with special educational needs. Here she tells us her Usborne story:

"As a child my passion for Usborne books was nurtured and since starting my own family I have been passionate about books for children. 

After a problematic pregnancy and difficult first couple of years, it became apparent that going back to the corporate world was not going to be an easy option. Within weeks of birth my son was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss and then at the age of 4 years, Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism).

After having my second son, and the continuing battle with the autism, I really needed to do something for me. Having worked in corporate business I knew I wanted to eventually work for myself.  My friend, and now Mentor/Team Leader, had herself started with Usborne since I knew her and it grabbed my interest.

Since I took the plunge I have never looked back! My Mentor, Nicki Ramplin, has been amazing, she knows all about us (our first children were born around the same time), our struggles and our triumphs, and has supported me to progress in a way that has worked for me and my family.

Usborne books in themselves have provided so
many benefits for my oldest son. Fine motor skills
are something so many autistic children struggle
with and subsequently they are very reluctant to participate in handwriting activities. The Wipe
Clean series is simply brilliant and the Mazes one,
in particular for Adam, has been a favourite. The sticker books have also been great at developing
fine motor skills. We also use them to create and interpret social situations from which we can then make stories.

The other fantastic outlet has been the breadth and depth of the non-fiction range. Many children on the autistic spectrum have special interests; my son's is currently F1 and racing cars. The Beginners Plus Racing Cars has been pored over and The Story of Cars from the Young Reading Series 2 is under great scrutiny at present. The level of information, detail and tone are perfect for him to understand and yet still extend his knowledge.

Being an Usborne Organiser allows me to chat to people and get an opportunity to get the perfect books to the right people. This is even more satisfying when I meet parents of special needs kids and know I can help.

I have found that building relationships with customers has been really beneficial. Visiting the
same toddler groups, music groups and centres,
on a regular basis and chatting to people has meant people are more engaged and I can find the perfect books for them.

I am now really looking forward to working with schools and am starting (despite initially being petrified of it) to set my sights on building my own team."

Would you like to find out more about Usborne books for children with specific educational needs?

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