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What happened at the Conference at the Castle?

18th February 2014

Peckforton Castle

Last week Elite Members and Leaders of Usborne Books at Home's, Team Usborne initiative attended 'Conference at the Castle' - an extra-special event combining training, inspiration, wining and dining at Peckforton, Britain's only intact medieval-style castle. The three day event was not only a reward, for the achievements of the past few months, but also a chance to get together with other Organisers in this grand finale of our 40th anniversary celebrations.

The festivities began on Tuesday evening when Elite Members arrived to a sunny Peckforton Castle. That evening, they had the opportunity to share their success over a delicious three course meal, hosted by Usborne staff, Mark, Val, Becky and Thembi, in one of the hotel’s private dining rooms.

Wednesday heralded a new dawn with loads of possibilities. Val and Mark led a training day for Elite Members where everyone had the opportunity to share their business goals and challenges and plot out their Usborne fairy tale. The joy, energy and enthusiasm were palpable - as everyone absorbed every idea that was shared with them.

Kerry O’Neill shares her take on the event:

"When I first joined Usborne I never thought I'd be standing in Peckforton Castle next to a suit of armour with a glass of Prosecco! Speaking to other Organisers, at the same level, facing the same problems is really comforting and learning from others experiences, good or bad, is invaluable for a new Team Leader such as me. I learnt that success comes in different forms but, it is success none the less. I now see how far I have come in six short months and more importantly how to move forward."
That night, our Elite Leaders joined the Elite Members for pre-dinner drinks and a delicious dinner where some got to meet each other for the first time, face-to-face!

The next day we bid farewell to our Members while our Leaders embraced a new training chapter of their Usborne Story. Trainers from the Academy of Direct Selling ran a personal development workshop covering topics such as business vision, communication techniques, motivating others, personal success etc. (All invaluable skills to possess when growing and maintaining teams and divisions.) Training like this is part of Usborne's plan to equip Elite Leaders with the tools they need to supplement all the hard work, determination and commitment they have demonstrated to-date.

Emma Devine explains:

"I was invited to attend Peckforton castle for two nights along with the other Elite Leaders and Members. The castle was magnificent and it was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with other Organisers and share ideas. On the Thursday we were fortunate enough to attend a day's training by Pam and Irene from the Academy for Direct Sales Training. The training gave us the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on our business, on ourselves - our strengths and weaknesses, and areas for improvement. It also gave us the chance to come up with a unique vision for the future of our business and to really think about what motivates us. For me, the most useful thing was learning about different personality types and what motivates the different types. We can learn to understand our teams and help them to achieve their own personal goals. I left absolutely bursting with ideas for my business and can now filter these ideas down to my team. Thanks again Usborne!"

"The Conference at the Castle was amazing.  I feel so lucky to have a job where hard work is both recognised and rewarded. And with renewed vigour and confidence, I'm looking forward to seeing how my business will grow this year."- Olivia Lucey

I'd love to attend events like this, how can I get involved?

If you're not already an Organiser
If you're interested in all things Usborne Books at Home and would like to attend future events like this, by becoming an Usborne Organiser, speak to the person who showed you this post, or contact us.

If you're an Organiser
If you're already an Usborne Organiser, see our Team Usborne web page to find out more about all of the benefits of membership, including future events, and talk to your Mentor about formulating a plan to help you get there.

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