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Using Usborne Snap Cards as a learning tool

31st January 2014

Learning with snap cards

Eugenia joined Usborne in December 2013. Although new to selling Usborne children's books, Eugenia has been using them throughout her 19 year career as an English language teacher. "I love books and have been teaching with and through them, and also raised my own children in the same way. That is why I jumped at the opportunity to become an Usborne Organiser. My new business endeavour selling Usborne books means my family loves the fact that we own our very own "bookshop" and I can work a lot from home. 

I have always considered myself very lucky to have had the experience of teaching English to all ages and levels. And during our lessons I like to make sure that both our young learners and I have fun together.

Teaching with Snap Cards

"Our home and school resources already included flashcards and card games from various companies that we enjoy, but it was the Usborne Snap Cards series that stole our teaching hearts.

We sometimes start off the lesson with a game of Snap Cards, or in the middle of a lesson, as a short productive break, and often at the end to bring our lesson to a smooth finale. Snap cards include a large variety of vocabulary and can also be used in theme-based lessons and events.   

When using Usborne Snap Cards, we don't just learn new vocabulary, which we might come across on the cards themselves, but often learn even more by actually playing the game. Phrases like: "It's your turn"; "Let's shuffle the cards"; "a pile of cards"; and so many more words, phrases, and even manners can be learnt through these games.Reading and spelling skills are also enhanced as the words of the pictures are written on the cards.


As they play, even very young learners might pick up on the spelling of words and recognize them when encountering them without the pictures.

Using Snap cards with family

Having access to this educational material for my own children helps too, as I maintain the momentum of our multilingual journey as a family. I take a pack of Snap Cards home every day in rotation and my children's anticipation is overwhelming. I play with them at home as frequently as I can because I love sharing everything I share at our school with our students.

How do you use Usborne titles at home or school to aid learning? If you would like to write a guest blog for us please get in touch.