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Write your own Usborne story

9th January 2014

Write your own story

What do you want your Usborne 2014 story to be about? At this year's Spring Conference and Gala we had a chance to reflect on what our stories have been about so far, and what we might want them to be about in the coming year.

Think back to what you were hoping to achieve when you started your new business. Have your reasons and goals changed? What is it that motivates you to 'do some Usborne' today?

The first chapter of your journey starts with the support of your Mentor. Share your goals and fears, aspirations and challenges with them - they are here to help.

At Usborne Books at Home HQ we are also here to support your 2014 story in different ways – providing tools, training and incentives to help you (as Organisers) write a better Usborne story for yourself. And to help you as Mentors, become even better at supporting your teams.

Consider the following when writing your story...

  • Every Organiser is a Leader. Whether you do Usborne for a few hours a week or full-time, you are a leader (The CEO of your own business). What direction do you want to lead your business in this year?
  • What are you business goals this year? What are your objectives for this year? What small steps will get you there? Why not start off by grabbing a copy of the 12 month wall planner (available via Leaders) and inking those chapters in step-by-step? If you’re new, start plotting your Runaway Success 12 week story now.
  • What is holding you back? You may have encountered challenges in the past that are holding you back.  Now is the time to break through any writers block and turn over a new leaf.

  • Does your Mentor know? Can you gain advice from your Mentor and others on how to overcome your fears and challenges? Others have been where you are!

  • Are you both following up? Keep talking. Owning your own business can be a lonely thing, don’t stop talking, learning and inspiring. Do your research, your story will only be richer for it.

"There are a thousand noes for every yes but you only need one yes to change everything." Kelly Israel, Usborne Team Leader

As the author of your Usborne story only you can make it a bestseller. What will your Usborne story say this year?

Keep sharing your story with the hashtag #myusbornestory when talking about your achievements in 2014.

We look forward to reading it!

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