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Focus on - strength in numbers

2nd December 2013

Emma Faircloth

As the saying goes, 'there's strength in numbers' and, this is never more evident than when working for Usborne Books at Home. While you can achieve good earnings from selling Usborne books alone, the opportunity to earn more and achieve greater business success increases as you build a team.

Emma Faircloth soon discovered this for herself when she joined as an Organiser, 16 months ago. Initially the thought of recruiting and leading a team of her own "scared the life out of" Emma. However, after attending the Spring Conference and Gala, Usborne's annual celebration of success, Emma reached a turning point. Inspired by hearing the success stories of other Organisers, Emma thought 'if they can do it, so can I' and realised that working as an Usborne Organiser was an exciting opportunity that she could work hard at and share with everyone she met.

Since then, she has worked hard to become an Usborne Team Leader, who has recruited a 20-strong team. This team of like minded people have a passion for selling Usborne books, just like Emma and some have gone on to build teams of their own.
With the busy festive season fast approaching and eight team members working towards incentives, Emma set her sights on the personal bonus she would achieve on her team's sales.

In October 2013, Emma and her team managed to achieve over £6,000 Personal Team Sales, which saw Emma achieve a bonus that she says will help pay for her family’s Christmas this year. Here Emma shares with us her top tips for building, and working with, a successful team.

Emma's top three tips to grow an active working team

1) If you're new, go for Runaway Success

"Working together is vital from the very early days of signing up a new recruit. This all starts with Runaway Success, Usborne's incentive to help new Organisers achieve success, in their first few weeks. This incentive is of great importance to new Organisers - It builds confidence as they make sales, meet lots of people and start having conversations about recruiting or making more event bookings.

I always make a note of the Runaway Success deadline dates for each of my Organisers so that I can offer support and advice to individuals at the relevant time. Another good aspect of Runaway Success is that after meeting certain targets new Organisers are able to start selling in schools which opens up increased earning opportunities."

2) Throw a successful launch party

"I started working towards my own Runaway Success by sharing my new business with friends and family at a launch party. This involved an open house session at my home, where I invited absolutely everyone I knew who had children themselves, or associations with children and told them to bring a friend! I got my first party bookings at my launch party and made £400 sales, so had achieved my Runaway Success Kit Boost, in one day, at my first party!"

3) Get your 'recruiting head' on

"In order to recruit successfully it is important to mentally switch your focus over to recruiting. As well as the usual selling activities, talk to more people about joining and share the benefits with them."

Has Emma's story inspired you to join the Usborne team?

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