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Book of the Month - Little Children's Bedtime Music Book

1st December 2013

Help your baby drift off into a sweet slumber with the adorable, Little Children's Bedtime Music Book, £12.99.

This charming sound book tells the gentle story of the different instruments the forest animals play to help their own babies fall to sleep.

Children can choose to hear the animals playing together as an orchestra, by pressing the top button on the book, and listening out to see if they can hear the individual instruments. Or they can press buttons to hear a guitar, french horn, xylophone, clarinet and flute played separately by each of the different animals in the forest.

From Rabbit playing his violin, to Mrs Bear plucking the strings of her guitar and Woodpecker tapping out a tune on the xylophone, children will be enchanted by the soothing music that the animals play.

One by one the baby animals begin to fall asleep and hopefully your baby will too!

I want to order a copy of Little Children's Bedtime Music Book

Great, get in touch today to order your copy direct from an Usborne Organiser (please remember to include the name of the title/s you would like to order).

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