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Earn extra money and treat your family this Christmas

1st November 2013

November Starter Kit

With just 54 days to go until Christmas, there's never been a more profitable time to start your own business selling Usborne books. Everyone is looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a child they know and as an Independent Usborne Organiser, you can offer them just that. Fun, innovative and educational - there's nothing quite like an Usborne book for Christmas.

And with all of these additional business opportunities, you will reap the benefits of increased earnings, and could pay for your own family's Christmas!

Join today and you will receive a business Starter Kit, worth over £144, containing a great selection of Usborne books and sales aids (think of it as your 'business in a box'). Costing just £38, the kit is all you need to begin your business selling award-winning children's books.

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I'd like to become an Organiser, how do I join?

Get in touch today to sign-up as an Usborne Organiser.

What's in the kit?

Find out what's in November's Starter Kit by looking at the table below.

Starter Kit Contents
Stock codeTitleQuantity in KitRetail value 
S0163 Customer Order Pad 1 0
S0214 Wall Planner 1 0
S0241 Agreement Pad 1 0
S0243 Complete Catalogue 2013 4 £8.00
S0244 Christmas Party Invitations (100) 1 £2.00
S0246 Countdown to Christmas Leaflet (50) 1 £4.00
04713 Children's Picture Atlas 1 £8.99
07634 Christmas Snap 1 £4.99
08426 Wind-Up Tractor Book (FYT) 1 £16.99
50703 Pirate Pat (VFR) 1 £4.99
50741 See inside Rubbish and Recycling 1 £9.99
53292 Where do baby animals come from? 1 £9.99
53592 Runaway Princess (YR 1) 1 £4.99
53725 That's not my Santa 1 £5.99
55039 Twelve Days of Christmas 1 £12.99
55058 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1 £4.99
55532 Junior Illustrated Maths Dictionary 1 £9.99
56426 Sticker Dressing: Extreme Sports 1 £5.99
56430 Royal Doll's House Sticker Book 1 £5.99
56447 A Doodle A Day 1 £9.99
56512 Santa's Workshop Sticker Book 1 £5.99
56628 French Dictionary for Beginnners 1 £7.99

Retail Value excluding stationery £130.84

Total Retail Value £144.84

 Please note the November Starter Kit offer is available until 9.30am on Monday 2nd December.