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Book of the Month - A Doodle a Day

2nd November 2013

A Doodle A Day

Encourage children to embrace their creative side with this cool collection of doodles in - A Doodle a Day £9.99. Containing a doodle to decorate for each day of the year, there's lots of fun to be had and children can practise and hone their drawing technique.

Each page begins with a doodle demonstration and simple instructions on how to complete the scene. For example, in the spread below from 'Day 1' of the book, children are encouraged to design and decorate the starfish and add starfish of their own to complete the scene. They can then tear out the page and pin it up on the fridge, or let mum or dad display it on the wall!












From bubbling witches' brew, to scarecrows, rollercoasters, cakes and snowy ski scenes - there are so many different designs to capture the attention of aspiring artists. Be inspired and buy this book to see which five minute masterpiece your child will create today!

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