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Can a child really be too young to enjoy books?

21st October 2013

Is your child ever to young to enjoy books?

A recent article in The Guardian showed that the number of parents reading to their children at bedtime has fallen, and a third of those asked don't have a bedtime reading routine. Reasons given include being stressed and not having enough time. There is also the surprisingly common misconception that children who can't yet speak, or read, won't benefit from books.

These results appear at odds with the Institute of Education's findings, highlighted by Booktrust, that "reading for pleasure more often throughout childhood leads to significantly higher results in maths, vocabulary and spelling".

Join the debate

It seems there really are benefits to reading to your child from a young age, not least helping them to develop a love of reading. What would you say to someone who thinks that their child won't benefit from books? Can a child really be too young to enjoy them?  Join the debate on our Facebook thread, to let us know your thoughts.

Top books for children under seven

Usborne Organiser and mum-of-two, Emma Butt shares her top three Usborne books for 0-7 year olds at bedtime. 

For Babies

Animal Hide and Seek

"This book is my absolute favourite Usborne book. Ideal for bedtime with a tiny tot, it has great touchy feely patches, lots of robust flaps, animals to count and of course the Usborne little yellow duck to spot. There is so much to do and talk about, aside from just the story."


For Toddlers

The Big Book of Little Stories
"You can't beat an Usborne picture book. The Reluctant Dragon was always a firm favourite of both my sons. This collection provides a good variety of 15 stories (as a parent, even the best story gets tiring after the 5th night in a row!) It has beautiful page spreads and illustrations and will still be loved when the child is an independent reader."


For Children over five

Usborne Very First Reading
"This is a brilliant series where the stories can be shared between parent and child; what a perfect and fun way for your child to show off their new found phonic skills while still reading a full story together."