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Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about your Body

1st October 2013

Book of the month -October 2013

Is your three year old asking a tricky question about their anatomy? Not sure how to answer? Then sit down and share, October's book of the month, the engaging Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about your Body (just £9.99).

Little ones can lift the flaps to discover when, where, what, why, who and how about their bodies - and there's plenty for grown-ups to learn too.

From questions such as 'Who's the oldest person ever?' and 'Who has more hairs on their head?' to the potentially tricky 'Where do babies come from?' and the embarrasing 'How does food turn into poo?', answers are sensitively and simply handled for young minds to understand. The fun illustrations bring physiology to life and help children understand why their body works the way it does.

The book also includes a quiz for children to find the answers to questions that appear throughout the book and the opportunity to find out more about their own bodies. And if inquisitive minds want to go even further than that, the book includes internet links to the Usborne quicklinks website for children to find out even more.

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