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Focus on - A career for life

1st October 2013

Jill Johnston

Jill Johnston has been an Independent Usborne Organiser since her daughter was a baby. Her daughter is now a 25 year old teacher and Jill is still an Usborne Organiser! Find out why this is a great career for life from Jill, below:

"After I had my second child I saw an advert in the local paper advertising for people to sell children's books. My daughter was 12 weeks old and I was a bit worried about childcare costs so I rang up. The Team Leader at that time came to see me and showed me some Usborne books, one of which was "The New Baby". I had bought this book a few weeks before, for my son, and thought it was great so I decided to give it a go and if it didn't work out I had some super cheap books... If I tell you my daughter has just completed her second year as a qualified teacher, you will see I have been with Usborne for 25 years.

During this time I have been a Team Leader, and then just an Organiser again, as I had different family commitments. I have had some fabulous holidays in Rome and Marbella that I won through Usborne travel incentives. It has always been a very flexible job and has changed for me over the years to fit in exactly with whatever my needs were at the time.

I have made lots of friends through Usborne. One of my first customers held a party with me in 1988 and later became a close friend and even though she moved to London our families still meet up on holiday every year.

As my contacts for events have continued to build up it has become more difficult to fit in all of the events that I get asked to attend. I realised that if I am unable to be in two places at once it would be a good idea to build a team up again and to pass the spare bookings over to my team. I benefit by still getting some commission, my team benefit from the bookings, and my customers benefit because they have someone for their event. You never know where you will meet people. One of my team I met in the check out queue at Marks and Spencer and another at a dog show whilst on holiday.

I think that to succeed you have to be proactive, make sure you always do forward bookings for all your regular toddler groups, playgroups and nurseries, keep customers up to date with special offers and always keep looking for new customers. Every so often I set my self a target for something I really want to buy and then go for it. This has included holidays, a mega expensive range cooker, a Smeg fridge and other lovely luxuries we wouldn't have had without Usborne's help.

What I like best about working for Usborne is of course the fabulous books and new friendships, closely followed by the flexibility... oh and I almost forgot... the lovely extra income.

Just remember, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it!"

Thanks for your story Jill, congratulations on making Usborne work for you, for so long.

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