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The future has arrived!

9th September 2013

Book of the Future

The eagled eyed amongst you will have seen a vintage Usborne classic (from 1979) on the Sunday Brunch programme on Channel 4, yesterday (8th September).

The Usborne Book of the Future: A Trip in Time to The Year 2000 and Beyond was used by futurologist, Tom Cheesewright, talking about futurology and his job as a consultant to try to predict future trends in technology for businesses/organisations.

Tom showed his copy of the book (that he's had since he was a boy) and talked about how surprisingly accurate many of the predictions made were. You can catch up on the programme here.
This amazing book is full of predictions of what life might be like in the 21st century. Here are a few snippets.

This picture 'takes you into the living room of a house of the future. The basics will probably be similar - windows, furniture, carpet and TV. There will be one big change though - the number of electronic gadgets in use.' Let’s see how many of these predictions came true:


















  1. A giant-size TV with stereo sound system
  2. Electronic video movie camera (requires no film, just a spool of tape)
  3. Flat screen TV - a thickness of less than five centimetres
  4. Video disc player used for recording off the TV and for replaying favourite films
  5. Domestic robot rolling in with drinks
  6. Mail slot for sending electronic mail

So the robot butler didn't happen but the rest is pretty spot-on!

It's good to know that 34 years on, this revolutionary content has proven to be so accurate. You've got to love an Usborne book :-)

This blog post is an excerpt from Usborne Publishing's See Inside Usborne Blog post It is the distant future: the year 2000.