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Giving something back

2nd September 2013

Nina Petty

Usborne Organiser Nina Petty, shares her story about using her Usborne business to help disadvantaged children in Africa learn to love reading through a project run by School Aid.

"At one of my Usborne events I met a local Rotary Club representative, who chatted to me about a project they were involved in, in conjunction with School Aid, in my native country South Africa. The Rotary Club's contribution would be to purchase a reading scheme for the project and they really liked the look of Usborne's Reading Programme.

In passing the lady also mentioned that they rely heavily on charitable donations from publishing companies. This reminded me that when I'd visited Usborne Books at Home Head Office, Marketing Director, Mark Franklin, had mentioned that returned books get stored up and occasionally sent to countries in need. I told my Rotary Club contact about this and she passed my details on to School Aid.

Clare from School Aid got in touch and I spoke to Usborne's Head Office who managed to find 130 boxes of books to donate! Usborne's generous contribution has sparked a bit of a chain reaction, as School Aid have contacted other potential donors mentioning this donation and now many others have been very generous as well.

It has been such an amazing experience to be part of this and it has had wonderful implications for my business. Not only is there the potential Reading Programme purchase for the project, but the Chair of the Rotary Club has agreed to support my son's school in a sponsored reading event - which will optimise the amount of free books his school can get."

If Nina's story has inspired you

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