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Focus on reaching for the top

3rd September 2013

Sue Bennetts

Sue Bennetts, has been an Usborne Organiser for 12 years, has three teenage daughters and hasn't always been able to focus on her business as much as she'd like. But in the past year Sue has reinvested time in her business and is now revelling in the success that hard work and determination bring.

"When I started Usborne, all those years ago, I got the 'Usborne bug' straightaway and jumped into recruiting because I needed more people to help me out with all the business that was readily available. I was working really hard, loving it and achieving lots, but then a series of personal events meant I had to reduce the time spent on my business and focus elsewhere for a few years.

I was out of the Usborne world for about three years, but I decided to get going again last year. I started promoting my business locally and asked everyone to complete free prize draw slips to find new contacts. I got in touch with old customers and recruits and told everyone that I was moving my business forward again.

I knew it would take time to see the results of my efforts but having done it once I knew it was possible to build a great business with Usborne as long as I remained focused. Last September, Usborne launched an incentive to attend a two day social media seminar. I really wanted to attend (and have a night away) so I was determined to win the incentive and I did!

My success hasn't all been down to me though, you get out what you put in with Usborne and if you work hard the rewards are there. I love the books and it's great fun to share my enthusiasm with customers. One the best parts of the job, for me, is helping others build their business and seeing them succeed. Success really is contagious!"

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