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Enjoy a Tangerine treat this summer

1st August 2013

Tangerine Ice

This fun and simple recipe for Tangerine Ice is ideal for kids to make during the summer holidays and is delicious and refreshing too.

Made from frozen tangerine juice, which is broken into little crystals, this type of dessert is sometimes called a 'granita'. It resembles a slightly crunchy sorbet, or the slushy ice drinks that you can buy.


To make Tangerine Ice you will need:

8-10 tangerines

50g (2oz) caster sugar

1 rounded tablespoon of golden syrup

1/2 lemon

You will also need a shallow freezer-proof container with a tightly fitting lid.


For a step-by-step recipe to make Tangerine Ice you can download and print out this excerpt from Cookbook for Girls  £9.99.

Other flavours

If you or your children don't like tangerines, or simply want to try something different you could make orange, lime or lemon ice with 5 oranges, 8 limes or 6 lemons. Or you could use a mixture of different citrus fruits, for a truly tropical treat - just make sure that you have 250ml (9floz) of juice at step 5 in the recipe.

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