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Usborne Book of the Month - July

2nd July 2013

Book of the month - July 2013

Our book of the month is brand-new July title Get Ready for School abc and 123. Ever since we heard of its release, there has been great excitement and demand for this book among customers, Organisers and Usborne staff alike!

Get Ready for School abc and 123 is a bind-up of two individual titles which have been combined to create a pre-school friendly tome of number and letter formation, counting and language learning.

We recently spoke to author, Sam Taplin, to find out more about the words and pictures chosen for the book.

"The words chosen to represent each letter in the book are intended to be as phonically regular as possible. For example, the 'm' sound in 'monkey' is the same sound that children will learn at school when they begin to read. However, phonic regularity isn't always possible - in the case of letters such as 'x' it's near impossible to be phonically regular. So in this book we've chosen the word 'xylophone' because this makes a bright and attractive image, and is an object that small children are likely to be familiar with."

The 123 section of the book contains fun pictures, in varying quantities for children to count and complete the images, to help them understand how many objects represent a certain number.

Making a book accessible for pre-schoolers

Wipe-Clean books are designed to be the "icing on the cake" for parents in the development of their children, rather than educational in the sense that they directly support the curriculum. Sam commented that actually making a book simple enough
for young children, took a lot of effort:

"It's quite easy to create a book that's difficult, but difficult to create a book that it is easy and intuitive. We find that we end up starting off with a complex version and strip it back gradually, until it's at the right level."

Sounds great, how do I order a copy?

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