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June new titles

24th May 2013

June new titles

There are 30 brilliant new Usborne titles now available to order.

Take a look at the table below and click the links for each title - these take you to the online catalogue where you can learn more about each title and its suitability for your child.


May new titles
CoverTitle, price and code
 Animal Alphabet Activity

Animal Alphabet Activity Book
£5.99 | 52216

 See Inside Firt World War See Inside the First World War
£9.99 | 53170
 Blood Tracks Blood Tracks
£6.99 | 53215
 Growing up for Girls Growing up for Girls
£6.99 | 53497
 Clothes and Fashion to Colour

Clothes and Fashion to colour
£5.99 | 54997

 Croc gets a shock Croc gets a shock (Phonics Readers)
£4.99 | 55052
 Animal Stories for Bedtime Animal Stories for Bedtime
£9.99 | 55070
 Farmyard Tales 123 Sticker Book

123 Sticker Book (Farmyard Tales)
£4.99 | 55181

 First Sticker Book Pirates First Sticker Book Pirates
£4.99 |  55672
 SDD Action!

Sticker Dolly Dressing Action!
£5.99 | 55674

 Travel Activity Pad Travel Activity Pad
£5.99 | 56191
 Farmyard Tales Sticker and Colouring Book Farmyard Tales Sticker and Colouring Book
£6.99 | 56460
 Holiday Pocket Puzzle Book Holiday Pocket Puzzle Book
£5.99 | 55016
 Killing Street

The Killing Street (Street Duty)
£6.99 | 54949

 Strawberry Summer Strawberry Summer (Rainbow Beauty)
£5.99 | 54055
 Art Deco Patterns to Colour

Art Deco Patterns to Colour
£5.99 | 55614

 Sticker Dressing World Wars Sticker Dressing World Wars
£9.99 | 55732
 Looking after Gerbils

Looking after Gerbils
£4.99 | 56187

 Penny Dreadful is Incredibly Contagious Penny Dreadful is Incredibly Contagious
£4.99 | 55454
 The Golden Carpet

Golden Carpet (First Reading 4)
£4.99 | 53602

 Looking after Guinea Pigs

Looking after Guinea Pigs
£4.99 | 56188

 Looking after Hamsters

Looking after Hamsters
£4.99 | 56189

 Complete Book of the Human Body

Complete Book of the Human Body
£9.99 | 55668

 The KnowHow Book of Spycraft

The KnowHow Book of Spycraft
£5.99 | 56291

 What's Physics all about?

What's Physics all about
£8.99 | 56637


£9.99 | 56638

 How to draw Fairies and Mermaids

Hows to draw Fairies and Mermaids
£4.99 | 56635

 How to draw Princesses and Ballerinas

How to draw Princesses and Ballerinas
£4.99 | 56636

 That's not my Prince

That's not my Prince
£5.99 | 56655


 Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Journey to the centre of the Earth (Young Reading 3)
£4.99| 53590


Great, how do I order through an Organiser?

Speak to the person who showed you this post, or contact us.

If you're an Organiser:

Add to your Kit by ordering any one of these titles half-price, every time you submit a £100+ sales value order.

The June New Titles Advanced Information sheet contains half-price sample codes and prices, and detailed product information - to help you hone your knowledge of this month's new titles.

Download the Newly Published Title List to get to grips with all of the new Usborne releases so far this year, and share the New Titles Poster with all of your customers today.

Please note: June's sample offer lasts until 9.30am on Friday 21st June. Half-price samples do not count towards volumes and no commission will be paid on them. Only one sample book may be ordered on each £100+ sales value order (not one copy of each sample).