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What is Leadership Academy?

1st September 2020

Business-enhancing, inspiring and fun, our Leadership Academy is no ordinary conference. Every season, ALL members of the Business Development Programme will automatically be invited to attend this unmissable event, led by our Business and Leadership Development Team and Managing Director, Mark Franklin. 

Although current global circumstances mean that we are unable to proceed with our usual physical Leadership Academy, we are instead excited to be delivering a two-day "virtual" equivalent.

What's in it for me?

Our Leadership Academy events focus around the key components of 'Your Usborne You'. We want to provide you with the opportunity to write a better story for your family as you develop key leadership skills and action plans for your business.

Join us at Virtual Leadership Academy:

The next Virtual Leadership Academy event will take place on the following dates:

Friday 23rd - Saturday 24th October (for Business Development Programme Members of the summer and autumn 2020 seasons)

Friday 22nd - Saturday 23rd January 2021 (for those who successfully qualify for membership the January - April 2021 season - that could be you!)

At each event, we will be providing a full two-day agenda to support you in moving your business forward, with the added benefit that the usual restrictions around attending the event (travel, location, costs, etc.) are removed!

How do I qualify?

Have a chat with your Mentor, and refer to the current Business Development Programme criteria for full details on how you could be joining us.

What do our Leaders think?

"Virtual LA was a way of connecting with like-minded people, and learning from each other. I love seeing the new titles (which gets the buzz going!) and it's amazing to be able to meet the head office team and share tips and inspiration." - Natalie Males

"I loved the fact it was virtual as, if the physical event was during the week, I wouldn't have been able to attend. I found it inspiring and I felt focused and more driven afterwards." - Emily Bradshaw

"It was the next best thing to 'normal' LA - I took lots away from it!" - Carron Charlesworth

"It was great to still have that special moment with fellow Leaders where we can share how we're managing our businesses in different ways." - Francesca Laidlaw

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