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Passport to Success - The Business Development Programme

1st May 2020

There are many reasons why being a member of our Business Development Programme is beneficial to both you and your business. With a host of carefully chosen benefits and tools such as free or discounted delivery, exclusive offers and business building events, the programme is all about earning more money, receiving increased support and consistently moving forward, whatever route that may take.

Most importantly though, it is an opportunity to connect with other Leaders and share your excitements, challenges and work with the company to move Usborne Books at Home forward.

As a vital cog in our Passport to Success incentives programme, the Business Development Programme truly encourages you to dream big - after all, your business is what you make it!

What do our members think?

"BDP is managed so professionally and makes you feel that you are of great value to the business." - An established Team Leader at Gold level membership

"An excellent programme for all Organisers to aspire to." - A Bronze level member

"A fantastic motivator - now I have sampled the benefits, I don't want to lose them!" - A new Team Leader at Gold level membership

"I think being part of the BDP is a fantastic benefit to my business, from the free/reduced postage [...] to the support and training in the Facebook group, and the call with Sue Pittman, Business and Leadership Development Manager." - A Silver Level Member

How does the Business Development Programme work?

The Business Development Programme operates across three seasons:

January - April
May - August
September - December

Each season acts as both a qualification period and a reward period, so you qualify in one season for membership into the next.

There are three levels of membership. The criteria for these is based on your 'status' and your sales over the course of a season.

Bronze: Maintain business consistency
Silver: Develop your business by growing your team
Gold: Support others to become business leaders

Want to know more? Take a look at the Criteria and Benefits for each level...

What should I do next?

Refer to your Passport to Success booklet and have a chat with your Mentor - the Business Development Programme is a powerful resource that encourages you to stretch your Usborne business to new levels with some fantastic additional rewards.

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