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Working for Usborne overseas

14th June 2013

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If you live outside of the UK and want a flexible job that fits around your family, selling Usborne books in Europe could be a very beneficial opportunity for you

Usborne Books at Home's presence in Europe is growing with strong sales and many exciting sales opportunities. Customers could include expat families looking for English books for their children, British people who may have married into local families, those who have been transferred for periods of time and for local children who are growing up multilingually.

Sally Carrer, Usborne Organiser in Switzerland says: "I feel very proud to be able to offer Usborne books to non-English speaking children, they are so excited about the language... these are kids who are taking on a new language... for them it's a big thing"

Sally believes there is a huge market for selling Usborne books outside of the UK, and that it's a market that is up and coming with more and more countries starting to teach their children English at a very young age.

Watch the video below about working overseas with Usborne.

Are you working in Europe selling Usborne books? We would love to hear your story in the comments below.

To find out  more about working overseas with Usborne, please contact us.