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Organiser of the Month - Sarah Singleton

25th March 2020

We just love hearing about all the ways our Organisers use their businesses to make a huge difference to their local areas. For our March Organiser of the Month, a simple search for a new challenge resulted in her building amazing relationships with over 40 schools and nurseries in her area, bringing the whole community together to fill their libraries with lots of wonderful books!

Sarah was nominated by her team member, Caroline:

"Sarah has been an absolute STAR since the day she joined Usborne. She had a steady start and really got to grips with her business. When she was ready, she set her sights on both becoming a Team Leader and working with schools – and she has been extremely successful with both!

Sarah has maintained her Team Leader status by qualifying every single month since she promoted and schools are a huge part of her business. Sarah has built a fantastic relationship with a number of schools and businesses and is by far the most experienced Organiser I know in running highly successful Community Book Pledges, which only boosts the amount of free books she can give to schools.

She is so deserving of special recognition – especially this World Book Day season! – as Organiser of the Month. I am thrilled, delighted and so proud of her!"

Sarah shares her Usborne story with us:

"I joined as an Organiser when on maternity leave from my role as a full-time teacher. Pre-children, my life was always very hectic and I actually liked that – but when I was on maternity leave with my youngest daughter I felt I needed something to do. I saw the Usborne opportunity on a Sunday afternoon and by Monday morning I was signed up and raring to go!

I worked hard from the outset, hitting both my Kit Boost and Kit Refund, and unlocking schools within six weeks. I knew schools would be a big part of my business from day one, as I could see just how much impact we could have by supporting schools to get lots of free books, without touching their budgets. Plus I knew I had lots of friends who were also teachers that would need very little persuasion to take up the opportunity to transform their school library for free!

By week eight of my Usborne journey, I had completed my first Ready Steady Read and the school involved raised over £600. Since then I have worked with over 40 schools and nurseries, and have given over £25,000 worth of books (using no budget!) since April 2017. 

I love the "wow" factor our books have. For example, Key Stage 2 teachers in particular love our graphic novels – they're brilliant for reluctant readers, and for re-engaging pupils who have maybe started to become disinterested in reading.

Another way I support schools in my area is ensuring that every sponsored read is coupled with a Community Book Pledge, which provides an opportunity for local businesses to be recognised for supporting their local school. The feedback I get from businesses is amazing, and they love being invited into assemblies to not only see how their contributions have been spent, but also enjoy the grateful reaction from both students and teachers.

I have made Usborne very much a family business, alongside my role as a part-time PE teacher. I would not have been able to be as successful if it wasn't for my husband, Craig, who puts up with boxes of books around the house, my two daughters, who are fabulous models in many of my videos, and also my Mum and Dad, who have been a fantastic support with childcare. They have also been known to check orders when they arrive!"

Congratulations, Sarah, and thank you for sharing your story with us! An April new title of your choice will be on its way to you shortly.

If you'd like to find out more about Sarah's incredible work with schools, you can read all about it in the LincolnshireLive!

Nominations for Organiser of the Month...

We look forward to receiving all nominations, especially during this current climate. You may nominate yourself or any other Organiser - we would especially love to hear about the ways in which Organisers are adapting their businesses to "keep on keeping on" in what is undoubtedly a challenging situation for all. 

Please email your stories to along with your name and Organiser number. Good luck!