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Organiser of the Month - Stacey Tebbs-Clark

29th October 2019

We understand just how difficult it can be to achieve a work-life balance that works for your whole family. Since setting out on her Usborne journey, our inspirational October Organiser of the Month has achieved just that!

Stacey was nominated by her Mentor, Sarah Singleton:

"Stacey loves books and was a regular customer of mine before becoming an Organiser. She joined at the end of November 2018 and threw herself into the role - she's been active every month since! Stacey has a good, loyal online customer base and has regular bookings at a toddler group in her local area. She's also doing some fantastic things to develop her schools' network - I can't wait to see where her hard work takes her!

Stacey is now a Mentor to her own team and her business has continued to grow. Receiving messages like the following from her just makes me so happy: 

"Without Usborne there was no way I could have afforded to go part-time. I also love my kids' faces when the FedEx van stops outside our house - I have three kids under five who all adore reading! It brought me out of myself when my confidence was at its lowest. I owe Usborne so much!"

Stacey's passion, positive outlook and support of the rest of my team is amazing! Her confidence has grown and she regularly goes live on her Facebook page to showcase our amazing range of books, and holds bedtime story sessions with her own children. I'm so excited to see where her journey takes her!"

Stacey shares her Usborne story with us:

"I had been debating signing up as an Organiser for a long time before I joined. There was never a "right" time. In November 2018 I was in a bad place and I knew something had to change: I needed something to focus on. My friend and colleague had been an Organiser for a while so I asked her the big question: how do I join? She's become the best Mentor I could have asked for, and our friendship has gone from strength to strength.

I launched my business on 1st December and I haven't looked back! It's meant that I was finally able to reduce my hours as a secondary school teacher and spend more time with my children; Eva, who's four, and twins Freya and Reuben who are now two. Usborne fits so perfectly around my life. I can be a mum, a wife, a teacher and an Organiser. It's my business, my way.

There is so much I love about being an Organiser. My pop-up book shop at a local toddler group means that my children can play and still be with Mummy when I work. Working with schools is amazing. I recently delivered nearly £1,000 worth of free books to a local grammar school and I'm now working closely with the local special needs community school to transform their school library.

My aim now is to work with as many schools as I can to get our beautiful books into the hands of as many children as possible. I want to help break the idea that we only sell baby books! I would love to become a Team Leader soon; I enjoy being a Mentor to my existing team - it's another great part of the job!

Thanks to Usborne I now have a proper work-life balance. My children love the variety of the new books they get - my son would rather read than watch TV! I have more confidence in myself; I talk to people I would never have met and I go to places I would never have been. I'm also enjoying reading myself! My only regret is that I wish I'd joined sooner."

Congratulations, Stacey, and thank you for sharing your story with us. A copy of our October Book of the Month will be on its way to you shortly.

Nominations for Organiser of the Month...

We look forward to receiving all nominations. You may nominate yourself or any other Organiser. Please email your stories to along with your name and Organiser number. Good luck!