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That's not my monkey... Recall

3rd September 2019

We regret to inform you that we are recalling copies of That's not my monkey..., batch 01849/29 and ISBN 9780746093368, sold between July-August 2019.

The recall is due to a humidity problem found with some cartons containing this UK batch, causing the potential safety concern of mould forming. While not all copies are affected, we are recalling this delivery to ensure customers are not potentially put at risk.

If you own a copy of this product, please check the batch number found on the bottom left hand corner of the back cover to determine if yours is affected. Even if your book featuring this batch number has not developed any mould, we ask you to please return your copy to the Organiser you purchased this from for a full refund.

All other batches of this title sold before this date are unaffected.