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Real Life Story - Alexandra Cristina Capalau

30th August 2019

For Usborne Organiser Alexandra Cristina Capalau, a simple search for the best children's books for her daughters led to her embarking on a fulfilling new career direction. As Alexandra explains, becoming "The Book Lady" has opened many doors for her, both personally and professionally:

"My Usborne story started just over a year ago when I gave birth to my second daughter. I was looking for the best books for children, without knowing a thing about Usborne.

I discovered the website and immediately signed up as an Organiser. Thanks to the support received from my Mentor, I very much enjoyed starting out on my Usborne journey. I soon had my first recruits!

I simply adore what I do. I love being a Mentor. I spend time learning and sharing tips on network marketing with my wonderful team, which grows each month. Throughout this time, financial growth aside, I grew and developed both as a person and as an entrepreneur.

When I started out, I was the one needing help and advice when making decisions. Now I am the one supporting a great team!

Usborne offers more than just a business opportunity. It also offers happiness, personal development, the freedom to organise your life and family time on your terms, friendship and pure joy!

I can really see myself doing this for years and I hope that one day this will become my sole occupation (at present, I also manage a construction company with my husband). Every time an order arrives, I feel like a child on Christmas morning!

I'm now known as "The Book Lady" - people have recognised me in the airport and supermarket! I'm always thrilled when this happens - it gives me the self-confidence and strength carry on and continue pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Thank you, Usborne, for this opportunity!"

Thank you for sharing your success with us, Alexandra, and best wishes for your bright future with Usborne.