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Organiser of the Month - Ciara Fitzpatrick

22nd August 2019

It's always wonderful to hear about how Usborne helps people regain their sense of self, which is why August's winning nomination particularly grabbed our attention. August's Organiser of the Month has faced many obstacles, showing great strength and determination to become a real inspiration to her team members.

Ciara was nominated by her team member, Laura Corbett-Wilson:

"Ciara joined Usborne in October 2018. We spoke at length about the opportunity before she joined and she was very nervous! But something told me she was going to be amazing at this - she just needed her confidence unlocking. She took the plunge and, after telling me she was worried about hitting the first £120 order, she went on to achieve sales of over £1,300 in November!

As I got to know Ciara, I began to understand the root of her nervousness. Ciara has a series of medical conditions which means that she can spend a lot of time in and out of hospital. But this doesn't stop her. From community book pledges and working with schools to lives on her business page and sharing the opportunity with others - you name it, she'll give it a go! She's a complete inspiration, both within my team and our wider division.

Ciara's passion and enthusiasm is infectious, and she has built up an active and thriving community on her business page. We're now cheering her on as she builds her own team; she has already proven herself to be a fabulous mentor to her first recruit. I'm very proud to be her mentor and friend, and her story has become a huge part of my own personal Usborne "why" now. To quote our divisional leader, Vikki MacDonald, "What's the best that can happen?". Whatever "that" is, Ciara can and will achieve it."

Ciara shares her Usborne story with us:

"When, after 10 years of working with the same employer, I had to take time out due to ill health, it came as an awful blow. I felt isolated, I had lost my independence, my social networking and my routine in life. I had gone from someone who was active in work and in the community to someone who now needed caring for due to medical issues.

I didn't know what the future held. There were, and still are, days when I couldn't move. I required a walking stick, needed support from my children and couldn't drive on medical grounds. I cannot begin to explain how much this all impacted me mentally.

It was dreadful. I was starting to lose "me". I needed to have something that could be super flexible around my situation, family life, and give me back my passion and drive.

Usborne has done this and more.

I truly love being an Usborne Organiser. I can pick my own hours. When I'm having a bad day there's no need to ring in sick and if the kids need me I can plan everything around them. I get to share my passion for books with everyone and, best of all, I get to work with schools, educational centres and many other places to get them books for FREE.

There are not many jobs that can do all that. I'm so grateful to have found this opportunity. I've made a whole new network of friends, learnt so much and grown in so many ways. I'm part of so many fabulous support groups - there are over 160 wonderful Usborne friends in our EPIC family - I'm now an admin in a local network marketing group, I'm helping my local community and have supported four charities so far. I have also worked with local schools, helping them receive over £1,600 of free books. My new motto is: "It starts with a hello, give it a go: what's the best that can happen?"

My current community book pledge is my biggest venture to date, through which I am giving mental health books to the charities that have supported me and my family. 

This is me. I'm Ciara and I have hidden disabilities. I'm a wife, a mum, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and I'm the Usborne Book Lady."

Congratulations, Ciara, and thank you for sharing your story with us. A copy of our August Book of the Month will be on its way to you very soon.

Nominations for Organiser of the Month...

We look forward to receiving all nominations. You may nominate yourself or any other Organiser. Please email your stories to along with your name and Organiser number. Good luck!